Monday, October 27, 2008


Have you ever felt stuck on your novel? Is your short story's not coming together? Are you frustrated with knowing your writing lacks "something" but you don't know what?

I know all to well what that feels like.

I'm C.J. Rockwell, and I'm a (Currently) unpublished writer who like many other writers are striving for the day when their work is polsihed enough to be taken seriously by an agent/editor.

When I started writing seriously, I was able to write "first drafts" without worrying a lot about structure, narrative, and plot. But once I started getting early feedback on my work, and learned tons about what it takes to get published, it overwhelmed me.

Still, I persevered and spent four years writing. Four novels and two short stories later, I've gotten better, but not at the level I need to be.

The problem: I take my writing so seriously, I can easily frustrate myself when it's not coming together. I also had problems sorting through the feedback I received on my work, it was hard to know what were things I needed to address in my stories/novels, and what's merely a matter of taste.

I've come to realize that I've let my internal editor take over too much, and it's time to bring the fun back to writing fiction.

My Reason Behind This Blog

After debating about it amongst myself, I've decided to make NaNoWriMo 2008 my clean slate. From this point forward, I'm going to have fun with my writing again, and give put my internal editor in check.

In a way, I'm beginning my writing journey all over again. This time, taking the valuable knowledge I learned from my first four years, while not forgetting to have fun with the writing process.

In between my future posts on my journey through this year's NaNoWriMo, I'll also share what I've learned about the writing process, and what I'm struggling to learn but haven't…yet.

I'll also plug the books that helped me through some tough times. Either books that helped me with my writing, or books I read that remind me why I wanted to write.

I hope this'll be a blog that will inspire writers who are struggling to hang in there. Remember, you're not alone in your struggles; and if your persistent, patient, and passionate, you'll get closer to your goal and dream of publication. (Still working on the patient part)

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novelist in training said...

I see your '(currently) unpublished writer' & raise you a 'started out a gamer that moved to text RPGs & now, at least once a year lol, to novels'.

This is my 5th NaNo & my first year really blogging at all. And though it may not come across in the blog (I still have trouble with the whole openness thing without the buffer of a char between me & the world) it's helping me see how much writing really means to me. I've been giving a lot more thought to what & why I write what I do & where I'd like to go with it someday. In that respect, I can totally sympathize with your desire for patience.

Recently I've been struggling with the quandary of having the scoffing, internal voice that laughs saying 'you're kidding, right?!?' in response to the newfound resolute one that's started going 'I want to be a writer'. Being all excited & wanting to just go-go-go! on one hand & knowing I'm nowhere near there yet will definitely take patience, lol.

As to your problem, at least for the first draft, try just enjoying the ride. Don't worry so much about the finished product or what someone else thinks. It's the first time you're seeing this new world & meeting these new people with fresh eyes. Just let them tell you their story & enjoy it for what it is. As to revisions & critiques, lol, I can't help you there yet. I'm still just a gamer turned wannabe writer;)

-Lollypop1407, from AW ;)